Everybody's got questions! And we're here to answer them all. (we hope!)


What kinds of woods do you use?

We only use hardwoods at Deviant Designs. We want to make sure you're getting a sturdy, quality product that will last you years and years of fun.

We commonly work with 15 woods-- our standards: cherry, ambrosia maple, mahogany, walnut, red oak and paduak; and our premiums: canarywood, yellowheart, bocote, wenge, purpleheart, redheart, bubinga, chechen, and bloodwood.

If none of these strike your fancy, feel free to shoot us a message with what you're looking for and we will see what we can do!

How long have you been making toys?

Our wood crafter, who also happens to be the founder, Mark, has been working with wood as a hobby since he was a teenager. He started making toys about three years ago after growing tired of not being able to find unique pieces.

Formerly, Deviant Designs is officially open for business as of February 4th, 2023. And we anticipate being around for many years.

How do I take care of my new paddle?

We thought you'd never ask!

Our paddles, along with the rest of our wooden toys, have been oiled. They are relatively easy to take care of.

Firstly, make sure you clean them right away after play. A slightly damp cloth with a touch of dish detergent is really all you need. Allow your toy to dry completely before you put it away.

Every toy will eventually start to lose some of its shine, but that's okay! If your paddle or other toy is starting to look a little dull, just dip an old t-shirt or soft cloth into walnut oil, grapeseed oil, or a cutting board oil and rub it into the wood. Once you've coated the entire piece, take a dry piece of your cloth and wipe the toy down again, making sure to take off any excess. Allow your toy to set for 24-48 hours and it will look just as good as new!

When storing your wooden toys, it's best to keep them in a bag or wrapped in a towel or other soft fabric before placing it into your toy bag. This will help prevent it from getting beat up and damaged.

Can I customize further than your listings allow?

Possibly! Probably.

If you're looking for a unique customization, shoot us a detailed message of what you're looking for. If we can make it happen, we will!